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In the photograph above is Lamin Deen, Richard Sharman, David Smith and Chris Wooley, all part of Great Britain Bobsleigh

You don’t have to be an athlete to set goals and achieve a better level of health and fitness.  Whether you are an office worker or a manual worker, there is always some way to optimise your health and fitness,  In fact being fit has been proven to increase productivity.

East Midlands today did a feature on myself and William Sharman Great Britain 110 meter hurdler.  William was aiming for the 2012 summer Olympics and I was aiming for the 2014 bobsleigh winter Olympics.  I feel very fortunate and luck that we both were able to pursue sports to a high level and succeed.

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Richard Sharman:  I am a 38 year old man raised in Kettering and trained in both the British Army and Royal Air Force.  I competed at the highest level for both services and the country, I would like to share my method of success with you….

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