Why Exercise Might Be The Answer To Depression

Around 300 million people suffering from depression globally. And an increased number suffer from depression that goes undiagnosed. This can be experienced as debilitating for normal everyday things like getting out of bed,  earrings and work becoming extremely difficult to do.

Feeling like you don’t want to engage and any work activity for weeks or even months is one of the most serious problems debilitating people our time.
The good news is there is steps you can take to manage depression you can engage with your doctor or therapist both are highly effective strategies that you must take back control of your own mental health.
Having said that let’s look into how exercise can help battle depression it is good for the mind and body, health professionals highly recommend it.

1. The release of good hormones

when you exercise the body and mind releases hormones called endorphins into the bloodstream and it is natural response to stress and pain.
Endorphins can be released by laughing even eating chocolate but exercises like high-intensity training for 30 to 45 minutes is the best way forward even 15 minutes of hard exercise a few times a week will make a big difference.
Generally the less active you are the less practice your body gets at engaging its natural stress reducing mechanism.  Exercise helps your body to recognise stress and actively do something about it making your body more effective at handling stress overall in other words life doesn’t seem like much more struggle and the great news is when you’re suffering from depression you can always exercise.

2. It’s boost your confidence

people who suffer from depression also suffer from low self-esteem and a distorted view of their intrinsic value as a person. When you make a habit of exercising your begin to hit milestones and see progress your body might start to look and feel different it feel stronger you might be able to see and do things you may not have been able to do before. The results from the following are that you get a huge confidence boost and starts feeling really good about yourself.

3. It’s brakes negative mental Cycles

if you suffer from depression you often find yourself a victim of a lot of mental negativity. Interrupting the thought processes is a really good practice to have and it is a real challenge when you are really low. Exercise is a great way to take your focus away from negative thinking and focus on the present just stepping out the front door and going for a walk getting some fresh air into your lungs will help massively.

4.You can do what you enjoy

there are so many ways to exercise to choose from you can go dancing walking do workout videos or get a personal trainer. There are lots of new fitness apps you can download to your phone to help you through a daily workout routine. Most of all make it fun.

5. You can meet new people

normally when we are not in a pandemic and coronavirus is affecting our freedom of movement exercising is a great way of meeting people even when we’re at home engaging with workout groups you can still grow your social network
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